librets/DmqlExpression.h File Reference

(Internal) Contains the DmqlExpression parser class. More...

#include "librets/sql_forward.h"


namespace  librets
 The main librets namespace.
namespace  librets::DmqlExpression


DmqlCriterionPtr literal (std::string aString)
DmqlCriterionPtr dmqlString (std::string aString)
DmqlCriterionPtr literal (int number)
DmqlCriterionPtr eq (std::string field, DmqlCriterionPtr value)
DmqlCriterionPtr gt (std::string field, DmqlCriterionPtr value)
DmqlCriterionPtr lt (std::string field, DmqlCriterionPtr value)
DmqlCriterionPtr lookupOr (std::string field, DmqlCriterionPtr value)
DmqlCriterionPtr logicOr (DmqlCriterionPtr first, DmqlCriterionPtr second)
DmqlCriterionPtr logicAnd (DmqlCriterionPtr first, DmqlCriterionPtr second)
DmqlCriterionPtr logicNot (DmqlCriterionPtr criterion)

Detailed Description

(Internal) Contains the DmqlExpression parser class.

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